Climate-Controlled Storage in Tupelo

Self storage units that help keep your belongings in top shape

What is a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

Store your items in Climate Control at Storage City

Climate-controlled self storage units in Tupelo, MS, help keep your stored belongings in better condition.

These self storage units keep both temperatures and humidity levels in check, and this reduces the risk of your items suffering damages such as warping, cracking, mold, and mildew.

At Storage City, our climate-controlled self storage units feature 24/7 access, month-to-month rentals, modern security, and extra tall ceilings.

Rent online today to find the right self storage unit for you in Tupelo!

Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Tupelo

Keep your belongings safe with our climate-controlled self storage solutions

Regulated Temperatures

Keep your belongings in better condition when you choose a climate-controlled self storage unit for your Tupelo storage needs.

24/7 Access to Storage

No matter what hour of day it is, your belongings are yours. Access them without worrying about arbitrary gate access hours.

Flexible Monthly Rentals

Our month-to-month self storage rentals in Tupelo help you stay as flexible as life demands with your storage plans.

Do I Need Climate-Controlled Storage in Tupelo?

Take a look at how a climate-controlled self storage unit can help you!

Storing furniture in Tupelo, MS

Most furniture fares better with climate-controlled storage. This is especially true with upholstered furniture or wooden furniture. Climate control helps these items avoid mold, mildew, warping, and cracking.

Getting seasonal clothing out of the closet in Tupelo

If you’re filling up the closet with great outfits but don’t need them all there year-round, you’re not alone! A climate-controlled self storage unit is a great way to make space in the closet.

Long-term self storage in Tupelo

If you’re storing long-term (for a few months or more), a climate-controlled self storage unit is the best choice to keep your belongings in the best condition.

Storing electronics & instruments in Tupelo

Electronics and instruments are especially sensitive. Just a little bit of moisture accumulating in the wrong place, or the temperature hitting just the wrong level, can lead to a ruined piece of equipment. Climate control helps resist those unwanted conditions.

Tupelo-area document storage

Climate-controlled self storage units feature regulated temperatures with more consistent humidity levels. This is ideal for storing paper as it’s especially prone to humidity damage.

Collectibles storage in Tupelo, MS

If you’re storing antiques or other collectibles such as figurines, dolls, and more, a climate-controlled unit is a no-brainer. These will give your collectibles much better conditions than unregulated environments.

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